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Powerdrive Roofing Perth understand how incredibly important it is to get your roof done right the first time so choose Wanneroo’s leading roofers to take the stress and hassle away. We are roofing professionals who know how to explain each element of the process to help you make the right choice, so you can relax and let the Powerdrive Roofing do what they do best, new roofs and Roof Replacements in Wanneroo. In fact, all of our new tiled roofs come with a minimum 10-year warranty on workmanship and materials and we guarantee a perfect job.

Once you have decided that a new tiled roof replacement in Joondaup is for you then Powerdrive Roofing will not let you down. Right from the start, we will help you choose the right materials, colour schemes and tiles to make your house stand out from the crowd.

How Does Tiled Re-Roofing Wanneroo Work?

Safety matters! We are fully insured qualified roof tilers, so we make sure that the right safety rail or scaffold is installed before commencing any work (where required).

Then, we remove all your old tiles if we are replacing your tiled roof, if it is a new build or frame then this part is easy. By removing your old roof tiles, we can fully inspect your roof battens and what is hiding underneath your old roof. If there are any underlying issues, we will replace all the old rotten battens so your new tiled roof will last for years to come. This will give you peace of mind knowing that you are doing your bit and protecting your most important assets, your family, and their castle.

The next step is to install insulation, also known as sarking. We install this for protection from extreme Perth weather conditions whilst ensuring the energy efficiency and holding warmth during winter and deflecting radiant heat in Wanneroo’s hotter months. Sarking can reflect up to 95% of radiant heat entering the roof void and is your defence against condensation.

Once the fundamentals of your roof are sound, we are ready to load up the new roof tiles. We use a escalator system that provides safety, as well as ensuring your new tiled roof is on in a timely fashion.

Now, our team of fully qualified roof tilers local to the Wanneroo area get to work laying your new tiles. Tiles are sheeted in starting at the gutter to the ridge and a short course cut in if required, with mechanical fixings to ensure they are secured to the roof. Once the new tiles are laid, we Bed and Point the ridge capping and edges of your roof to make sure it is perfectly straight. Pointing is a flexible cement that covers the bedding mortar and is a generally an exact colour match for your roof tiles, we also use this to finish the gable tiles so your new tiled roof is amazingly straight and sharp giving you that slick look you deserve.

What to expect

Powerdrive Roofing is Perth based with roofing teams in Wanneroo and we always leave your property in the same great condition we found it ensuring our team remove all rubbish, building rubble, old tiles and other debris are taken away and you’re left with a shiny new tiled roof you can be proud of, and other than that there will be no sign of us being there at all.

Now that your new tiled roof is perfect it is time for us to pack up and leave you happy.

How much does it cost to get a roof replaced?

The price of a new tiled roof depends on many factors including what roofing materials are used, the square meterage and the overall pitch of the roof, the sarking quality/thickness, any special request items and the complexity of ridge lines and valley trays. There are other factors to be considered, accessibility to the roof, any underlying water or structural damage, and the height, (how many storys) of your roof.

Professional Roof Inspection in Wanneroo

Our specialist roofers in Wanneroo and surrounding suburbs completely work out the details for you when you get a free onsite Roof Inspection and quotation, we are fully qualified roofers with years of experience in laying roofs. We don’t stay on the ground and try to quote or guess what could be happening on your roof, we physically climb on the roof and perform a visual roof inspection on every inch, Powerdrive include photos of areas of concern so you can decide for yourself the best way to move forward, we can also include video of the inspection for your insurance company for a small fee.

We are here to make sure you get the right solution for your home. we know how important the right choice is and will help you determine if a new roof is required or if there is a more suitable and cost-effective solution. Then price is laid out upfront and we make sure you understand exactly what you are getting for your money no hidden costs or added extras after you sign the contract.

How long does it take for new tiled roof to be installed?

Usually, construction of a tiled roof takes about 2-3 days for a brand-new tiled roof or 3-4 Roof Replacement in Wanneroo. Of course, this depends on a few factors including the size of your roof and the exact work that is required.

We are here to help! Our team of professionals are here to provide you a complete roofing service, advice, and solutions for all your roofing requirements. Let Powerdrive Roofing sort out all the details, you can rest knowing that your family is safe under their New Roof in Wanneroo.

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Combine your Gutter cleaning service with our Roof Cleaning, Pressure Cleaning, Painting, Roof Painting, Chemical Delignification Treatment or any one of our other Roofing Services in Wanneroo and discuss discounted rates, ask us for your Free Roof Inspection to get the ball rolling today.

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