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Over the years a build-up of dirt, moss and lichen will occur. How much so depends on the roof material, any coating it may have and the age of the roof. How bad it looks depends on the contrast between the dirt, moss and lichen and the colour of the roof. Lightly coloured roofs can show the effects of dirt build up much more than say a black or charcoal coloured roof.

While moss and lichen build up is normal and a little can look appealing to some on a slate tile roof, a major build up on a terracotta tiled roof in Dianella could lead to some issues such as Chemical Delignification, Roof tile deterioration and roof leaks, as the moss and lichen can grow between tiles and over the bedding and pointing which can lead to cracking. This can create voids which in an extreme case can lead to water and rodents penetrating your roof and ridge capping tiles coming away.

Lichen and mould building up on a Colorbond roof that is not cleaned for long periods can cause premature ageing of the metals surface. This is because the moss and lichen can eat into the bonded paint, damaging the coating and leaving marks. Once the lichen has taken hold, stains from where it bonded to the roof will remain after roof cleaning Dianella. Therefore, it is important to have your roof cleaned when you see mossy cauliflowers forming on the surface.

Powerdrive Roofing Perth will assess the condition of your roof thoroughly with our famous free roof inspection before commencing any roof cleaning Dianella operations and provide you with an assessment detailing our recommendations.

Almost any roofing surface can be cleaned. Our Roof Cleaning Services in Dianella includes Concrete Tile Roof Cleaning Armadale, Terracotta Roof Cleaning, Colorbond Roof Cleaning and Commercial Roof Cleaning. Some roofs cannot be cleaned such as thatched roofs and asbestos although asbestos roofs can be sealed as an alternative to roof replacement in Dianella.

Having a roof professionally cleaned will not only improve its aesthetics but can also increase the lifespan of the roofing material in some cases, but in other cases it can also cause damage to your roof depending on a few factors, so a thorough professional Roof Inspection is required prior to commencement. We are experts in roof cleaning in Dianella and understand what works for each roof type. It is not just as simple and getting on a roof with a high-pressure cleaner – nobody wants to blast water into or damage their roof.

Before any roof cleaning activity is undertaken by Powerdrive Roofing, we thoroughly inspect the integrity of the roof and the underlying structure. Where you have broken roof tiles or voids in your bedding and pointing, these will need to be addressed first. On any roof especially a Colorbond or steel roof, care needs to be taken not to push excess water under flashing’s or ridge capping. Where your roof has external penetrations such as an air conditioning, solar panel installations and ventilation units, special care needs to be taken as voids are generally located in and around the units –avoiding damaging the units themselves also by blasting water under high pressure where it doesn’t belong.

The reasons why you should consider Powerdrive Roofing for your Roof Cleaning Dianella requirements:

  • We use trade qualified roofing professionals for all our roof cleaning in Dianella – not the cowboys
  • We have an extensive knowledge of cleaning different roofing systems
  • We use specialised tools, equipment and processes for different styles of roof
  • Our focus is on doing the job safely as per work safe Australia guidelines while having respect for your building
  • We are fully insured for you peace of mind

There are a lot of one-man operations in Perth and Dianella offering roof cleaning services. Do not risk it and have your roof professionally cleaned by Powerdrive Roofing. Or at least ask us for some Professional roofing advice.

Combine your roof cleaning service with our Roof Cleaning, Pressure Cleaning, Painting, Roof Painting, Chemical Delignification Treatment or any one of our other Roofing Services in Dianella and discuss discounted rates, ask us for your Free Roof Inspection to get the ball rolling today

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