Roof Carpentry Stirling

Powerdrive Roofing is a competitive carpentry and roofing business in AlexanderHeights. Our aim is to produce quality carpentry work for home owner’s, whether it be for your outdoor living area, renovation, or new home build. All external timber is CCA treated timber and will not rot or be susceptible to termite attack. All fixings are galvanized and will not rust.

Stirling Roof Carpentry

Powerdrive roofing also have over 20 years’ experience building and restoring roofs across Perth. Whether it be an extension to your home or outdoor living area, a renovation or a new build, at Powerdrive roofing we believe quality workmanship doesn’t need to come with a premium price tag.

Sagging Roofs Stirling

Poor construction during the initial building of a home can show itself over time by the roof sagging. Sagging roofs can also present themselves when the home is stressed – such as during the addition of a home extension. Luckily for builders, roofs don’t lie. Where there is a design fault or a lack of structural support, a roof will undoubtedly sag. Both the roof itself and the eaves can sag and apart from being aesthetically displeasing, if left unchecked they can lead to further maintenance and structural issues.

Powerdrive roofing offer a complete range of roofing and carpentry services, including insurance work, to rectify sagging roofs and eaves which usually involves treating the original problem – a lack of structural support. Additional beams can be retrofitted to provide this support and ‘jack-up’ the sag.

Termite Damaged Roofs in Stirling

Termite damage inside the roof can be rectified. Once the appropriate pest control has been conducted, you may need additional beams or structural support to prevent further damage to your home. Powerdrive roofing can assess the most appropriate and most affordable solution for your termite damaged roof.

Nothing can beat the feeling of a quality timber Alfresco and deck. Timber Patios and Alfrescos provide an earthy warm atmosphere that can help you to relax after a hard day’s work. It will not only warmth the atmosphere of your home but it will increase the value with an expected minimum 100% return of cost, should you choose to sell. Timber patios are much superior to steel because steel heats up really quickly in summer leaving your outdoor area too hot and also timber is more environmentally friendly, with a smaller carbon footprint than steel.

Powerdrive Roofing are experienced timber and composite decking installers. We can help to design a custom-made deck to suit your outdoor living space, Alfresco, Bali Hut, or Gazebo. These days Composite decking is very popular because of its low maintenance qualities and if built correctly by Perth carpentry and roofing the initial extra cost is worth it as the composite decking with a little bit of maintenance will continue to look great for longer than a natural timber deck. Recommended Composite decking is either Trex Transcend range or Duralife decking.

Powerdrive Roofing is managed by Dean Meade with over 20 years’ WA experience in different forms of carpentry. The Powerdrive Roofing team pride ourselves in hard work and attention to detail, and always provide quality work using quality materials and fixings. Our ““can do” attitude ensures we will go the extra mile to make sure you get value for money and that you tell all your friends what a great job we did, while relaxing in your new outdoor living area.

Dean originally started working directly with owners only occasionally but as his reputation grew the business slowly evolved away from project builders to home owners designing and building custom made timber Alfresco, Patios, Gazebos and decking. Our long-term business goal is to offer second story timber additions and granny flats across Perth.

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