Perth Roof Replacement Service

In some cases it’s not always possible or there would be little benefit in Roof Repairs or Roof Restoration, this could be due to its age, a bad job done previously or possibly some other defect such as Chemical Delignification that is too far advanced. Replacing an old tiled roof with new will give you piece of mind and help ensure that your hard-earned dollars are not wasted on Roof Repairs that will result in little benefit.

Our Tile Roof Replacement service will guarantee you get a first class long term solution that will save you money for the future and provides your home with a much needed face lift along with increasing your properties street appeal therefore increasing its value.

At the quote stage our Powerdrive Roofing team member will do a full inspection of the internal roof structure.

Unlike most roofing companies Powerdrive Roofing always have a building inspector on staff and a registered builder on hand to oversee any works required.

There is no point having a beautiful new Tiled roof cover if it is going to collapse due to a failed roof structure within a couple of years, that’s why it is important to use a company that knows the difference between replacing tiles and a Roof Replacement.

Powerdrive Roofing has replaced roofs all over Perth. The following is a basic scope of works for replacing a roof.

Supply and erect a proper works safety system where required as per current work safe legislation.

  • Strip all existing roof tiles, ridge capping, battens and any other external extrusions completely remove all from site.
  • Check and re-set out all rafters in preparation for new Roof Tile Battens and tile sizes to ensure tiles can be fitted accordingly.
  • Supply & fix new roof Sarking/Insulation to the entire roof area in accordance with as 2049 table
  • Supply and fix new timber battens in line with as1684.2 part 3.4.3 and table spans in as1684.4-2010
  • Supply & fix new roofing tiles to the entire roof area following as2049 and as2050 in a selected colour and profile in accordance with manufactures recommendations and guidelines.
  • Fix new flashings to penetrations and external extrusions where required and or re-dress existing flashings if and where required.
  • Supply and fix ridge capping tiles to all hips and mains using a flexible pointing solution approved in AS2050-2018 or other selected material. Weep holes should be fitted to all short course and or flat through profile tiles.
  • Clean up and remove all left-over material and rubble from site. Leaving the site neat and clean with the only sign of us being there an eye-catching new roof that will soon be the talk of the street.

A final works inspection is to be undertaken prior to final payment.

You can rest assured you have a roof that not only looks the part but protects you and your biggest asset for many years to come and most of all when you are investing in a Powerdrive Roofing system you are investing in a system that works!

What You Need to Be Aware Of

There are two main issues that need to be considered.

A colorbond roof is a lot lighter than a tiled roof. A tiled roof will weigh on average 60kg per square meter while a colorbond roof will normally be a just a fraction of this weight at around 5kg per square meter.

Planning approval and a building permit would likely be required from a local council as the Building Code of Australia may well have changed since the home was originally built.

One of the main challenges when converting a structure from a tiled roof to a colorbond roof is the dramatic reduction in weight. This significant change in weight conditions, when coupled with high winds, can create significant uplift on the roof and hence potentially damaging issues.

A colorbond roof that has not been installed with the correct tie-downs etc can end up like an umbrella in a high wind event.

So, the issue now becomes not about holding the roof up, but instead pinning down the roof in a high wind event. The Building Code of Australia requires the roof frame to be tied down to the house as defined in Australian Standard 1684. This is where Powerdrive Roofing’s in-house building inspectors make sure everything not only conforms to but exceeds the current Australian standards on every roof replacement we undertake.


Choosing the Right Company for Your Roof Replacement

When it comes to choosing the right company for your Roof Replacement it is all about doing your homework.

Powerdrive Roofing have been around for a long time and there is a good reason for that, we take pride in our work, we take care of our customers, we follow and keep up to date with all relevant Australian Standards, we are constantly liaising with registered builders to make sure we are up to date and getting the best information and guidance and all of our staff and contractors know how important each and every customer is to our business, without you the customer there is no Powerdrive so we always go the extra mile to make sure the job exceeds standards and expectations.

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Roof Leaks

Although our first option is always going to be Roof Repairs or maintenance it is to be expected that building materials will not last forever and eventually all building materials, (even concrete tiles) will break down and it becomes more economical to replace the item rather than pay for constant repairs. Our team will give you a range of realistic options after an onsite assessment.


Loss of Water Resistance

Water proofing qualities of tiles (particularly cement tiles) will break down over time. The tiles will need a Roof Restoration or Roof Replacement, depending on age and quality of your tile, our team will give you options on site.


Damaged, Cracked and Broken Tiles

When there are a large number of broken and or cracked tiles that require replacement, many of these tiles have broken water channels due to being sheeted in too tightly when originally installed and general movement in the roof frame over the years, when this happens it can be impossible to get all broken tiles and therefore impossible to give a warranty on any Roof Repairs undertaken.


Why Metal Over Tiles?
There can be a couple of main reasons:

Aesthetic Reasons
Some people choose to change their tiled roof purely for aesthetic reasons because they prefer the look of colorbond roofs over clay or concrete tiles.

In general, changing to a colorbond Roof Replacement is cheaper than tile to tile Roof Replacement on a residential property.

Roof Replacement Tile to Tin

Converting an old tiled roof cover to a new colorbond roof cover (for example a Colorbond roof) is quite common throughout Perth WA. There is the right way and the wrong way to undertake this conversion and Powerdrive Roofing knows this all too well. The wrong way can cause problems with the structural integrity of the building not only rendering it dangerous, but this can also create challenges for homeowners when attempting to sell their property down the track.


So Why Change from Tiles To colorbond?

People have a variety of reasons as to why they decide to change from tiles to steel or tin.

Spalling Tiles
Tiles especially clay will not last forever. Eventually the tile will break down and lose their core attributes

Chemical Delignification
Spalling of tiles and chemical delignification generally go hand in hand.

Although Powerdrive Roofing are Australia’s only proven Chemical Delignification Treatment Specialists sometimes our customers choose the option of a New Roof instead, other times the Delignification is too far advanced even for the experts and a New Roof is recommended.

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