Pressure Cleaning Services Perth

Powerdrive pressure cleaning services are market leaders in pressure cleaning Perth services. Our company started as your residential pressure washing specialists and fast expanded to commercial and strata pressure cleaning contractors.

Powerdrive have a large range of customers including strata companies, building maintenance companies and some of Perth’s major builders.

Due to a large demand for pressure washing Powerdrive offer our services to all residential and commercial customers . Our staff have years of experience and are able to modify our equipment to suit your requirements.

Our staff have undertaken many projects in Perth and surrounding areas and are currently completing many projects on behalf of other companies who need a reliable and skilled business to complete their projects.




For taller structures we have several different ways we can pressure wash. We are one of the only companies  in Perth who has a pressure pole that can reach up to 5 storeys high.

This pole was specially designed by a member of our staff to assist in cleaning buildings from the ground. The pole is made of fiberglass and is telescopic which enables us to adjust the height whilst still maintaining the required pressure.

The high pressure cleaning units have 60 meter triple wire braided hoses are on rubber wheels so it is as easy as rolling the wheels up around your building which makes for an even clean and no damage to the property! (all safety guidelines followed though worksafe)

  • Abseiling
  • Scissor Lift Cleaning
  • Cherry Picker Cleaning
  • High Ladder Cleaning

Why Use Powerdrive Pressure Cleaning Services:

Powerdrive pressure washing services provides the largest volume of pressure cleaning services in Perth. Powerdrives services are atop of the market in regards to cleaning services we provide.

We have a fully experienced pressure cleaning team that regularly maintains several major shopping centers across Perth. The same teams that pressure clean these shopping complexes will be the team completing your pressure cleaning services. Now that is peace of mind!

At Powerdrive we know the value of our customers. Without you we simply don’t exist. For those reasons our team will always go above and beyond your expectations.

We will leave you with amazing results after pressure cleaning, surface scrubbing, surface sealing or any other service we offer!

Our residential, commercial high-pressure cleaning and high pressure cleaning services are tailor-made to suit any project. Just let us know the surface that requires cleaning and we will ensure you are provided with the best price to suit your budget and still drive home the results you desire.

We generally also carry chemicals which we will occasionally need for those tougher spots that will not budge with solely with a pressure cleaner.

So if it is a trusted and proven Perth company who can get the job right the first time and leave you with the results you desire. Look no further than Powerdrive Pressure Cleaning for all your Pressure Washing Services and exterior cleaning needs.

We have previously worked and will continue to work on many projects throughout Perth, These include:

  • Shopping Centres
  • Car Parks
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Residential Homes
  • Warehouses
  • Apartment Complexes
  • Stadiums
  • Train Stations
  • Universities
  • Schools
  • Churches and much more.

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