Leaking Roof Repairs in Perth

Servicing in Perth and surrounds

There is a variety of reasons why you might require the services of Powerdrive roofing’s trusted leaking roof tile repairs crew.

It may simply be to improve the outward appearance of your home, where a few of the tiles have started to show subtle signs of deterioration.

Often though, roof repair in Perth is about either the repair of weather damage, or where roof tiles have dislodged, broken, or blocked drainage channels appear on certain tiles.

another possibility is that cracked or broken concrete mortar bedding is the problem. All these things can quickly lead to further, often more extensive, damage to your home, with water ingress down into your home.

This is often caused by our frequently harsh, wet, and windy Perth climate doing its worst!

In fact, weather damage can be extended to fallen branches or windblown debris landing on, and causing damage to your roof.

Why the Powerdrive Roofing Team Should Be Your Tile Repairers 

As would be expected, Powerdrive provides an obligation-free roof repair quote prior to undertaking any work.

You will be engaging with our team of fully committed and vastly experienced roof tiler roof restorers.

After a thorough roof inspection, we will deliver an honest assessment and quotation of the work that is required and will be glad to fully explain all processes that are to be undertaken.

So much of our work comes through from enthusiastic previous customer recommendations from so many satisfied customers! Once you have asked us to undertake the required roof tile repairs, you will benefit from the way our family-owned and operated company delivers first-class results.


  • Our unmatched 20 plus years of experience in providing professional roofing services without any shortcuts
  • All our quality workmanship and materials are fully guaranteed
  • You will only ever deal with our own in-house roof repairs team

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