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 Quality Roofing Services for several Years

As a Perth resident, you are of the knowledge of it being a city that occasionally sees all four seasons in one week. While these sometimes welcomed changes can keep us on our toes, they can also wreak havoc with the gutters of our homes. This is why, as a family-owned company operating in Perth for several years, Powerdrive Roofing will guarantee any residential Roof Repair work that we engage in. Our quality, local, friendly and reliable team will ensure you can sleep well knowing your biggest asset is protected.

How Do I Know My Gutters Need Repairing?

You don’t need to climb up on the roof to see whether it is time to call the guys at Powerdrive Roofing. You can do a quick visual inspection of your homes gutters and we will provide a free quote on any Roof Repair work that needs to be performed. At Powerdrive Roofing there is no pressure or sneaky underhanded sales tricks – we simply have the customer’s best interest as our number one concern.

Gutter Repair problems that Perth residents might notice include gaps or cracks. These gaps or cracks could lead to water ingress into your home. So, if you have endured a little of our Perth rain, a quick roof inspection might help identify if you have a roof or gutter problem on your hands. Sagging gutters are another common issue you may  experience, which also need to be repaired, this can normally be done simply with new brackets.

Still not sure? Simply contact Powerdrive Roofing and we will have a closer free roof inspection for you to see what if any course of action needs to be taken.

Another way to tell if you may require Gutter Repairs is by signs of water damage inside or outside your home. For instance:

Is there pooling water anywhere?

Look for mould/mildew in all areas of your home, not just the ceilings. Gutters needing repair could be relaying water into wall cavities, inside the roof or even certain rooms of your home, including your garage.

Another giveaway sign may also include peeling or bubbling paint or discoloured water damage marks.

With Perth residents experiencing their fair share of rain, roof gutters may also need repair or maintenance if they are overflowing or allowing water to pool around your homes foundations. Look for erosion of soil and cracked foundations thus causing major structural defects to your biggest asset.


Benefits of Local Gutter Repair Services in Perth

When you choose our family owned and operated company, you know they are going to treat your Gutter Repairs as if they were their own. To compete in the highly competitive Roof Repair business for this many years takes extraordinary levels of customer satisfaction, and quality service that is second to none. Our reviews will tell the story for us on that one.

this is why most of the jobs Powerdrive roofing work on come from referrals from previous customers. However, even if you haven’t heard of Powerdrive, you can be sure Powerdrive Roofing will provide a friendly one-on-one service and we know we will be referred by you to your friends and family, we are that confident in ourselves. You will generally be dealing with the same person from beginning to end of your roof gutter repair project, we like the personal touch.

At Powerdrive roofing, we know that home maintenance is not a once off. That is why we make our Roofing Repair services affordable and effective. Be sure to call on us when you move to a new home, buy an investment property, need to take care of that leak in your inlaws old roof, or just want to get on to some general maintenance. After all, we offer our guaranteed Roof Repairs that Perth homeowners can count on and most importantly they can afford!

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